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Delivered in a Safe and Caring Environment.

About Us

Aims & Philosophy

Our primary aims are highlighting the importance of providing stability, empathy and encouragement for every adult in our care. 

Everything we do is based around our philosophy of person-centred care, promoting the development of each individual, without pressure and always taking account any personal limitations. 

We care for a broad cross-section of men and women and the strong links we encourage and foster with the local community are designed to reflect this balance. Our wide-range of meaningful, social and vocational activities includes: 

  • Learning life skills
  • Work placements
  • College courses
  • Sports therapy
  • Horse riding
  • Theatre and cinema trips
  • Holidays

  • JAG 0808
  • JAG 0785
  • JAG 0615
  • JAG 0687
  • JAG 0707
  • JAG 0466
  • JAG 0662
  • JAG 0667
  • JAG 0526a
  • JAG 0744
  • JAG 0771
  • JAG 0816

Facilities & Services

Under the guidance and supervision of fully qualified and friendly staff, who are on duty at all times of the day and night, both Galltfaenan Hall and The Old Rectory provide specifically assigned key-workers for personal care needs.

We have places for 27 residents at Galltfaenan and 9 at The Old Rectory. 

We offer wide-ranging Care

  • Residential Care
  • Specialist Dementia Care
  • Flexible Respite Care

Our facilities include:

  • Access to your own GP, if required
  • Use of your own furniture
  • Pets by arrangement
  • Wheelchair access and stairlifts 
  • Spacious gardens for individuals 
  • En-suite facilities in some rooms
  • Television point in each room/WiFi access
  • Individual kitchenettes
  • Hydraulic baths and wheelchair shower 
  • Full fire and nurse call systems 
  • Both English and Welsh is spoken

Promoting Independence within a warm, inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere

  • Close to local shops 
  • Excellent and regular public transport links to local towns and beyond
  • We provide transport where required

The Team

We are proud of our team of 30 highly experienced and specialist staff, many of whom have worked for the company for a number of years. Staff turnover is low.

Everyone is encouraged to deliver person-centred care at all times and we also ensure that our personnel are qualified to deliver this care. Training is an on-going process and we go beyond what is required under current legislation. The vast majority of the team are qualified to NVQ Level 3 or above, with some trained as person-centred planning facilitators.

Both the manager at Galltfaenan and The Old Rectory have been promoted from within. Rachael Jones began her employment with us when The Old Rectory opened in September 1989 as a support worker. Rachael was soon promoted to deputy manager and became the manager of The Old Rectory in 1997. Ten years later Rachael was asked by Mrs Adey Jones to become the manager at Galltfaenan Hall. Lowri Roberts, who had begun working for the company in 2000 on a weekend shift, became the manager at The Old Rectory when Rachael left.

Both Rachael and Lowri have undertaken a considerable amount of training including NVQ Level 5, a Higher Diploma Level 4 in Learning Disability Services and Lowri is also a person-centred planning facilitator.

Lowri and Rachael embrace the person-centred approach to care and share this vision with their staff teams. Both are passionate and dedicated to the individuals in our care and take a pro-active approach.


Safeguarding vulnerable adults round the clock, 365 days a year is our overriding priority. At all times, the focus is on ensuring that everyone under our care at Galltfaenan Hall and The Old Rectory is shown absolute respect – free from any verbal or physical abuse.

With this in mind, we have a comprehensive set of policies in place to protect the well-being of all the individuals we support. We take our responsibilities extremely seriously. Everything we do is geared towards delivering exemplary care - underpinned by quality assurance, external auditing and regulatory inspections. To find out more about the stringent policies and procedures we adhere to, please contact:

  • Rachael Jones – (01745) 730226
  • Lowri Roberts – (01745) 730844


Galltfaenan was the vision of Edith Adey-Jones, who was responsible for transforming the property into a dedicated care facility in the mid-1970s. Subsequently, The Old Rectory was brought into the fold in 1989, providing a welcome additional residence for those in need of specialist care.

After many years of dedication and service, Edith handed over the reins to her daughter, Diane, who remained active in the business until her untimely death in 2017. Today, after more than four decades, the two homes have now passed into the third generation of devoted family ownership, with Diane’s son, William, at the helm.